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Concert Design

Design, Marketing, Print, Digital


As a student, I worked on campus with Associated Students Inc., the student department which planned all major campus events, for two years until I graduated. I was a designer on the marketing team, and as a huge fan of music, always asked for these concert/show projects. After my first year of designing the concert marketing in 2012 was a success, I was assigned all of the concert marketing for the next few years. Through doing this, I was able to meet some of my favorite musicians and artists, and was even able to give some influence on which artists would be performing on campus when I was promoted to lead designer and interim marketing manager in my final year with the department.

My final concert I worked on was in 2014, and we held an Indie Music Festival called "Charged", which featured musical acts such as Vic Mensa. I designed all of the marketing collateral and artwork for this event. 

In 2013, the SpringFest on campus featured acts such as Wale and Jhene Aiko. The budget for the marketing that year was huge, and allowed me to do so much more compared to 2012 and 2014. I created promotional banners and posters, online ads, social media assets, etc. Seeing the stage banners in person was amazing. I also created a collection of marketing giveaways for this event, including tank tops, sunglasses, and much more.

In 2012, SpringFest featured Lupe Fiasco and Miguel. Lupe Fiasco was my favorite rapper in high school, and it was unreal meeting him (Lasers is probably the most disappointing album of all time). As with 2013 and 2014, I designed all marketing collateral for the event.