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Content Architecture

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Consistent organization is vital when it comes to content discovery. Prior to this project, the most common flow for a user to discover content was to join a class and browse for content directly on a specific class page. Not a bad flow, except for the fact that StudyBlue’s library of study materials is so expansive, there’s definitely going to be related content to what you’re looking for that might not be tagged to your specific class. 

Although we had schools and departments in our system, we didn’t have a designated page to display individual school and departments within our application. Without those pages, a user isn’t able to browse all content and information which might pertain to a specific school or a department. 

<Insert School design>

To improve browsability of our application, we worked on how to improve our site architecture and how to best allow users to browse StudyBlue for content.

<Insert Department Page>

We designed pages for school and departments that users can access within the application. In these pages, a user can find specific content from these schools and departments.

Happy browsing.