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Home Page Redesign

User Interface Design, Icon Design, Visual Design


Prior to my home page redesign, the StudyBlue web application didn’t have have a dedicated home page, and a user would just land on a “Most Recents” page upon opening StudyBlue. This “Most Recents” page was literally just a list of most recent study materials that a user had interacted with.

Previous StudyBlue landing page when user logged in.

Previous StudyBlue landing page when user logged in.

I went into the project thinking about what a user would want to experience on a home page for their study tools and to best discover relevant study materials.

Earlier iteration with heavier actions above fold, with a lighter emphasis on relevant content.

A major project prior to this homepage redesign was to migrate the navigation from the left of the page to the top. With the navigation on the left, plus the reliance of displaying a large number of content on each page, we wanted to stick navigation to the top of the page to allow easier navigation while also opening up the page to display more content. 

StudyBlue's logged in home page.

I designed this page with a user’s most relevant content in mind. A user’s last studied materials would live at the top of the page, while recent activity from classes you’re in would be underneath.

A promotional carousel lives on the right rail, where study reminders, new product features, etc. can be listed. A user will also see a list of recommendations for classes to join, based on the school and classes you are enrolled in. From the home page, immediate action items also include pushing a user to joining more classes they’re in, viewing classmates and inviting more classmates, and of course creating new study materials.

With the redesigns of the home page, user engagement and discoverability have increased heavily in the past year since implementation.