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Textbook Solutions

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Textbook Solutions is our first brand new product offering that I worked on and launched since I joined StudyBlue. With our massive database of schools, classes, and textbooks tagged to these schools and classes, we wanted to offer our users more resources for their textbooks that they use. 

At launch, we released Textbook Solutions with two of our most popular textbooks amongst our students. All the chapters in textbooks that students use contain various problems for students to better understand the material. StudyBlue worked with highly educated sources to supply these solutions, in a step to step format to help students best learn these materials. Within each chapter are also different sections, which also contain more problems.

I designed this page to most easily navigate through all available textbook solutions for textbooks. On the left hand side, a user can navigate through each chapter or section to open up its respective solutions for all of its problems. In the main Step-by-step Solutions section, a user is given the preference to be able to toggle between views of seeing all steps available at once, or being able to see one step at a time. 

From there, a user is able to navigate through all the problems and its respective solutions in each chapter or section. 

Take a step towards studying better now with StudyBlue’s Textbook Solutions.

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