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The Study Collective

User Interface Design, Icon Design, Visual Design


Around mid-2016, I was tasked with redesigning the in-product navigation bar for the StudyBlue web application. The navigation bar had been previously placed on the left of the application.

<insert old screenshot of left nav>

We wanted to redesign the navigation bar and bring it to the top of the page to create more space across the body for more content to be shown to users, as well as being able to create a more uniform footer across the bottom of the page.

<insert screenshot of new nav with content>

I worked closely with our senior UX designer and our head of product, as well as our front end developer on this project throughout 6 weeks to complete this project, and it is one of the larger redesigns StudyBlue has had in recent history.

<insert screenshot of different states and dropdowns of nav>

<insert screenshot of walkthrough of new nav>